Kitchen Services

If your kitchen sink is in need of repair, you can trust our team to determine where the problem is (eg, the faucet, basin, drain, or piping) and provide a solution. Have you found a water leak coming from your dishwasher line, or has your dishwasher stopped draining? You can rely on us to return it to proper working order.

Having an issue with your water? Is it to soft or to hard? does it taste bad? Reverse Osmosis, tap water often contains impurities such as phosphate, nitrate, chlorine, and various heavy metals. Though not harmful when with-in regulations, they can have an effect on the water's taste.

Water filters differ from Reverse Osmosis systems in that R.O. systems clean the potable (tap) water before it leaves the faucet, where filters clean the water after it has passed through the pipes. Let us help you determine which is right for you

First Plumbing Services provides quality plumbing services. We offer a wide veriety of services to meet all your needs.


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